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Construction of Olefin Units and Desulphurization of Ilam Petrochemical Co.

In 2014, the Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company, under the contract, started to provide technical, engineering and logistical support to Illam Olefin and desulfurization units. Coordination and alignment of the project implementation factors, activities as an employer operator and also as a managing contractor of Illam olefins and desulfurization units project in order to expedite the implementation of the project, are known as some of the important responsibilities of Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company.

Construction of Olefin Units and Desulphurization of Ilam Petrochemical Co.
Employer Ilam Petrochemical Company
License Olefin Unit: UK STONE & WEBSTER Desulphurisation unit: France AXENS
Engineering Consultants Unit of Olefin: Nargan Company Desulphurization unit: EIED
Starting Date Olefin: 1384 Desulphurization : 1394
Project location Ilam, Chawar (18 km northwest of Ilam)
Feed n: C5 +, C3 +, C2 + from Ilam gas and Butane-1 gas refinery from Jam Petrochemical Desulphurization unit: C3 + and + C5 from Ilam Refinery
Products Olefin unit: Ethylene (polymer grade): 4,000,000 tons per year Propylene: (chemical grade): 107,000 tons per year and polymer grade: 18,000 tons per year Hydrogen: 500 tons per year Petrol Pyrolysis: 1,321 tons per year Fuel gas (byproducts): 200,000 tons per year Desulphurization unit: Sulfur depleted C3 + and + C5, solidified sulfur
Project status Engineering, purchasing, building and installation