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release date: Sunday 23 September 2018
Participatory Education Seminar

  Participatory Education Seminar

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According to the Public Relations Department of Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company, the training seminar "Participation System Training Seminar" was held on 29 and 30 December and one of this month in the conference hall of the company with the presence of its employees by Dr. Morteza Mossai (lecturer). Mr Harandi, head of the company's training, aims to create the groundwork for employee participation to improve organizational performance and communicate with the brain and transfer knowledge and experience in the organization. And regarding the necessity of training in the organization, due to technological changes, the diversity of specializations, the reduction of occupational accidents, the importance of competition in engineering and technical services, the inadequacy of classical education, and in particular the outstanding teaching of learning organizations.
He also stated that with the evaluation of the participants during this course, the level of 7, 82% was excellent and was satisfied with the learners.

  • Participatory Education Seminar
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