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Tendering and contracting

Based on many years of experience, expertise and utilization of industry-leading forces, the Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company, identifies and evaluates a wide range of manufacturers, contractors and domestic and foreign consultants, identifies and develop effective and effective methods for assessing the offers made, It is always trying to provide the quality of its employers' expectations and in this regard, during its activity, has been able to produce documents and hold tenders for a large number of projects and development projects in fields of oil, gas and petrochemicals worth more than 17 Billion dollars.

One of the most important capabilities of the company, which is always the place where project owners visit, is to propose suitable strategies for implementing the project in accordance with their internal and peripheral conditions. In this regard, the company is keen to share its experiences with the owners of the projects in order to optimize the value chain of the players in the petrochemical industry, given the many years of developing development projects.