procurement and supply of goods

Procurement and supply of goods

Petrochemical Development Development Co., is always trying to rely on its experience, knowledge of its managers and engineers to improve the technical-engineering services needed for projects and projects in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries to provide comprehensive and innovative services in the field. Provide engineering, purchasing, construction and installation services.

Along with changing the business environment and formulating goals and areas of activity, and aligning with the company's strategy, in order to achieve these goals, fundamental changes in the organizational structure were considered. In this regard, department and section of the company review and scope of activities, responsibilities and powers they were defined as such? The ability to create the necessary infrastructure to carry out engineering activities, developing the necessary infrastructure to carry out procurement projects And manufacturing complexes and key partnerships. It should be noted that the company is also involved in the provision of building and installation services in a partnership with powerful companies active in this field.