infrastructure and building designs

Implementation of infrastructure and building plans

During the course of its many years of activity, Petrochemical Industries Development Management Corporation has been proud to provide various services in the design, implementation, and monitoring of various construction projects and subconstructions, such as roads and railways, bridges and tunnels, airports, The pipelines, transmission lines and related facilities, silos, heavy metal and concrete buildings, industrial complexes, refineries and power plants, refineries, residential complexes, land improvement and rehabilitation and other infrastructure projects, especially in the petrochemical industry with a desirable quality and Completed in accordance with national and international standards and requirements in the field of geography of the country.

This understanding led the company to participate in the development of the infrastructure required by the petrochemical industry in the social and cultural development of the relevant areas, as well as the construction of some settlements, hospitals, airports and built roads in addition to industry use , Were also used by the public and recorded as an honor on its record.