implementing oil projects

Implementation of oil, gas and petrochemical projects

Due to the growing importance and effective role of defining and implementing improvement projects, increasing capacity and development in oil, gas and petrochemical complexes in order to meet the changes in the pattern of consumption in the world, the need to improve the quantity and quality of manufactured products according to standards And national and international requirements, reducing environmental pollutants, optimizing energy consumption, removing installations and equipment worn out from the operating cycle in the complex and reducing related costs. . .

Ultimately, the optimization of value chains, the welcome of their implementation, has been increasingly considered. In this regard, the Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company, due to many years of experience in implementing the aforementioned projects in the petrochemical industry, is ready to provide any services for their implementation, including conceptual design operations, design and engineering services, project implementation Providing purchasing, installation, construction and commissioning services.